Breakout Presenter Resources

Thank you for your participation at the Healthcare Analytics Summit 22 (HAS 22). You are an essential part of our event, and we know you will help make it a great success. The presenter resources page contains helpful resources for our breakout presenters. We recommend bookmarking this page for quick access.

Presenter Responsibilities

Each presenter will be expected to:

  • Provide a brief bio and headshot to be used for promotional purposes.
  • Use the HAS 22 PowerPoint Template to develop an engaging and informative presentation.
  • Work with your presentation manager to develop a compelling title and description to be used for your session.
  • Participate in the following meetings with the Health Catalyst team:
    •  Presentation Development Kick-off Meeting (30-minutes)
    •  Final Review of Presentation Slides (60-minutes)
    •  On-site Presentation Rehearsal at the Grand America (60-minutes – optional)
    •  HAS 22 Live Presentation Session at the Grand America in Salt Lake City Utah (90-minutes, occurs September 13-15, 2022)
  • Promote your breakout session on your social networks.
  • Complete CME documentation.

PowerPoint Template and Presentation Development

After submitting your draft presentation, you’ll work with your Health Catalyst presentation manager to finalize your slide deck in preparation for the presentation rehearsal and breakout presentation. We will also be making a copy of your slides available electronically to attendees on the HAS 22 website as a PDF.

Promotional Toolkit

Your Health Catalyst Support Team

As a presenter at HAS, you have a team of individuals at Health Catalyst dedicated to support you as you develop, rehearse, and present your breakout presentation at HAS 22.

  • Presentation Manager: helps finalize your presentation. Facilitates graphic design support of presentation (if necessary).
  • Session Host: assists in on-site presentation rehearsal and keeping sessions on schedule on the day of the event.
  • Speaker Host: moderates the live Q&A session with the presenter and attendees after the presentation concludes.

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