Braindate at
HAS 21 Virtual

Back by popular demand, a fun way to learn from your peers.

What is Braindate?

You come to HAS 21 Virtual to learn new things but in a virtual world, can you still connect with others and learn from them? Yes! It all starts with a braindate.

Braindates are about sharing knowledge and networking based on shared interests. They are one-on-one or small group conversations that you book with other participants while participating in HAS 21 Virtual.

Why Braindate at HAS 21?


Connect & Build Relationships

Connect and build new relationships with others working in healthcare that can serve you in the future.


Engage in Relevant Conversations

Engage in relevant conversations about ideas and issues that are on your mind.


Get Granular

Use braindates to get granular about what you want to learn by engaging with subject matter experts directly.



Crowdsource the knowledge of hundreds of professionals who are leveraging data and analytics in healthcare and beyond.


Get Some Perspective

Gather diverse perspectives from your like-minded peer in the form of group braindates.

How it works


Explore the Topic Market

Explore the topic market where any participant can post subjects they are interested in sharing as soon as the Braindate platform launches in late August.


Pick Something You Want to Learn

Pick something you want to learn from the options shared by others or create your own braindate topic.


Schedule Your Braindate

Schedule your 1:1 or small group braindates at HAS 21 Virtual, outside the keynote and breakout sessions.

Braindate Recap

  • 1,187 hours of peer-to-peer learning conversations.
  • 724 braindates (266 groups and 458 one-on-ones).
  • 725 Braindate topic created.
  • 764 unique participants going on at least one braindate.
  • 2,143 connections between HAS attendees.

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