Analytics Walkabout and Dinner Reception

"We talk about value-based care…this is a value-based conference. Considering what other conferences costs, the value I get out of this is tremendous."

The Analytics Walkabout is back by popular demand for HAS 19.


These Analytics Walkabout stations are intended to be 10-minute sessions where you can quickly learn about data-related projects across a wide variety of clinical, financial, technical, machine learning and leadership topics.

The Analytics Walkabout session will take place during the Tuesday evening dinner reception starting at 6:00 pm.


This year’s experience will consist of 24 new analytics-driven projects featured at individual stations.

Data-driven innovation often consists of a multitude of smaller, agile projects, so the walkabout will provide attendees the chance to learn about a wide variety of different projects, tailored to many different team member roles and types. Attendees will be able to talk to front-line leaders at each walkabout station.

Eat, Converse, Learn, and Network

We’ll also have a sumptuous variety of dinner stations during the opening Analytics Walkabout reception. This will allow you to eat, converse, learn, and network during a wonderful evening.

Multiple dinner options will be provided.