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How Rookie-style Leadership Can Help Transform Healthcare, According to HAS 2016 Keynote Liz Wiseman

lis-wiseman-300x300If asked to list qualities we look for in a leader, many of us might include knowledge, know-how, and expertise. According to Liz Wiseman, however, president of leadership research and development firm The Wiseman Group, the best leaders are often those who put as much (or more) stock in what they don’t know. Wiseman delves into this theory of the “power of not knowing” and the research behind it in her book Rookie Smarts. We are excited to invite Wiseman to share these and other insights with us at HAS 2016.

As today’s transforming healthcare industry faces mounting new challenges, this sector, in particular, can benefit from rookie-style leadership as described by Wiseman. The Harvard Business Review has claimed that management is currently U.S. healthcare’s greatest challenge. The changes at hand—notably, the continuing shift to value-based programs, technological advances and their associated concerns (data security, for example), and demand to control cost while improving care—require brazen, inventive leadership. According to Wiseman, this is precisely the type of governance that “rookie smarts” (or embracing inquiry over knowledge) enables.