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Wednesday, September 7
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15 - Improved Outcomes and a Proven ROI Model for Quality Improvement: Transforming Diabetes Care (Case Study)

Charles G. Macias, MD, MPH

Chief Clinical Systems Integration Officer, Director of the Evidence-Based Outcomes Center / Center for Clinical Effectiveness, Texas Children’s Hospital, Associate Professor of Pediatrics – Emergency Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Boarded both in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. Graduate of Stanford University, Southwestern Medical School and the UT School of Public Health.

Founding and executive committee member of the global Pediatric Emergency Research Network in 99 hospitals across the globe.

Medical director of the Evidence Based Outcomes Center and Center for Clinical Effectiveness at Texas Children’s Hospital, he has helped develop close to 100 evidence based guidelines and summaries.

Chief Clinical Systems Integration Officer for the Texas Children’s enterprise: Directs implementation strategies for clinical care delivery improvement teams and quality measurement with a foundation of an electronic data warehouse at TCH.

Chairman of the Section on Emergency Medicine for the American Academy of Pediatrics (the largest pediatric emergency medicine voice in a 60,000 member professional society) where he chairs the North American Pediatric Septic Shock Collaborative of the AAP (a collaborative of 32 children’s hospitals across north America) which in phase II has reduced mortality from severe sepsis in participating children’s hospitals by 8% .

Health Data Management magazine’s 2014 Clinical Visionary of the Year.