Join us at HAS 16 – September 6-8, 2016 in Salt Lake City


The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2016 will have 4 types of sessions:

1. Keynote sessions
2. Educational Breakout Sessions
3. Case Study Breakout Sessions
4. Technical Sessions

Keynote Sessions

Here is a sneak peek at some of the featured speakers that we will hear from at HAS 16, with many more to come

Don Berwick, MD
Former Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Founding CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Anne Milgram
Former New Jersey Attorney General, What healthcare can learn from criminal justice analytics
Liz Wiseman
Bestselling author of “Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work”
bishoffJay Bishoff, MD
Intermountain Healthcare, Highest Rated HAS 15 Speaker
tom-burtonTom Burton
Co-Founder, Health Catalyst, “The Price is Right” version 2
da-burtonDan Burton
Chief Executive Officer, Health Catalyst

Additional C-level executive keynote speakers to be announced shortly

Breakout Sessions

This year, we’ll have a wider variety of clinical, operational, financial, leadership, and technical analytics sessions. Our technical track will be new, oriented towards those who want a deeper dive of the technical details behind some of the most important technologies and methodologies in healthcare analytics. Many of these sessions have been selected and are in development. More specific descriptions will be coming shortly. However, here is a quick overview of the types of sessions under development. More information will be coming on speakers and session descriptions over the next month.

Educational Breakout Sessions

  • Adaptive leadership
  • Analytics market overview
  • Common analytics pitfalls
    • How to organize permanent teams
    • How to gain executive support and prioritization
    • How to develop a data-driven culture
    • How to drive cross system and cross region adoption
    • How to interpret data
  • Governance including data governance
  • MD Transparency
  • Precision medicine and research
  • Risk based contracting and ROI
  • Turning analysts into data detective
  • Unique successes and challenges of community and children’s hospitals

Case Study Breakout Sessions

Clinical improvement case studies including

  • Cardiology
  • Care management
  • Diabetes
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC)
  • Patient Safety
  • Population health and accountable care
  • Primary Care
  • Pneumonia
  • Readmissions
  • Rehab
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Sepsis
  • Stroke
  • Urology
  • Cost management and financial ROI

Technical Sessions

  • Big data/Hadoop (technical track)
  • Natural language processing
  • Predictive analytics (mainstream and technical track breakouts)
  • Real-time decision support and closed loop analytics (technical track)
  • Security frameworks and data warehousing
  • Smart on FHIR (technical track)


  • “I’ve been to a lot of conferences and it’s really easy to go halfway on a conference. And the attention to detail that’s been spent here to make the sessions valuable and lively has been unparalleled. It’s very rich and spectacularly well done.”

  • “What I really like about this is how they have brought in folks from other industries. There is a tremendous amount that we can learn in healthcare from those industries because they have gone there before. And it’s important for us to expand in our minds as we look for new solutions for healthcare”

  • “One of the exciting things for me as a clinician about attending a conference like this is that it doesn’t put analytics at a distance. It doesn’t make it regulatory. It doesn’t make it purely academic in nature. It makes it practical. It really is about how to improve outcomes. And so that’s very powerful.”

  • “We’re now thinking that perhaps we need to transform healthcare to be much more inclusive of the individuals themselves. And we understand the need for data and our ability to interrogate data much more than we ever did. The future of healthcare all over the world is the same: we’re all in trouble because the models we have that fit the 20th century don’t quite fit the 21st. This is the future.”

  • “And for everyone, if you are even remotely interested in analytics, make it a point to get to this conference.”

    John Moore, Chilmark Research

  • "We had folks from our organization at last year’s conference, and they convinced me that I needed to come. Now my job is convince other people that they need to come next year."