Healthcare Analytics Summit 2014 Healthcare Analytics Summit 2014


The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2015 will have 4 types of sessions:

Keynote sessions

These sessions will be categorized into 4 major themes or tracks:

  • Clinical
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Organizational leadership

Many of these sessions have been selected and are in development. More specific descriptions will be coming shortly. However, here is a quick overview of the types of sessions under development

1. Keynote Sessions

  • Daryl Morey
    Houston Rockets’ General Manager
    Managing Director of Basketball Operations
    “The Moneyball Philosophy: Bringing Analytics to the NBA”
  • Jim Collins
    Authored or co-authored six books including Built to Last, Good to Great and Great by Choice
    “Greatness in Turbulent Times”
  • Amir Dan Rubin
    President and CEO Stanford Health Care
    “Delivering Excellence at Stanford Health Care”
  • Timothy G. Ferris, MD, MPH
    Senior Vice President for Population Health Management
    Partners HealthCare
    “How Partners Uses Analytics to Improve Population Health Outcomes”
  • Ed Catmull
    Co-founder of Pixar
    President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios
    “Building Creative and Innovative Organizations”Ed Catmull outlines techniques and ideas on leading creative and innovative organizations. Some of the leadership philosophies he explores are:
    Addressing hidden barriers to creativity and innovation

    • Uncoupling fear and failure
    • Getting the team right (if you want to get the ideas right)
    • Preparing for unknown problems
    • Making the process better, but knowing the true goal is to make something great
    • Ensuring that a company’s communication structure does not mirror its organizational structure.

    Behind the Traditions and Rituals
    Long before Pixar was one of the world’s most successful movie studios, it was a small hardware company struggling to stay afloat. Ed Catmull, who co-founded the company in 1986 with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, led Pixar toward its goal of making the first-ever computer animated movie, in turn growing it into the creative, innovative force it is today. Devoted fans of Pixar movies will enjoy this look behind the scenes of the heretofore mysterious world of Pixar, as well as learning about the underlying principles behind their approach. Catmull will also talk about working with Steve Jobs—how Jobs contributed to Pixar and how Pixar transformed Steve Jobs.”

2. Educational Breakout Sessions

  • Overview of the Healthcare Analytics Market

    Vi Shaffer
    Research Vice President, Global Industry Services Director, Healthcare Providers,

  • Using Data to Transform the Patient Experience

    M. Bridget Duffy, MD
    Former Chief Experience Officer – Cleveland Clinic

  • Data Governance in Healthcare (Panel)

    Dale Sanders
    Senior Vice President, Strategy, Health Catalyst
    Former CIO – Cayman Islands, Northwestern University

    3 Health Systems (TBA)

  • Why Clinical Content is the Missing Ingredient in Sustained Outcomes Success


  • Best Practices in Deploying Clinical Improvements Throughout the System


  • Big Data: When will Healthcare be Ready?


  • Engaging Physicians (Panel)


3. Case Study Breakout Sessions

  • How Mayo Clinic Standardized Care Across 22 Emergency Departments

    Christopher S. Russi, DO, FACEP
    Chair – Division of Community Emergency Medicine
    Department of Emergency Medicine
    Mayo Clinic

  • Waste Elimination and Cost Efficiency: Re-Inventing Value in Cincinnati Children’s

    Frederick C. Ryckman, MD
    Professor of Surgery – Transplantation
    Sr. Vice President – Medical Operations
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

  • Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Outcomes at Crystal Run Healthcare

    Gregory A Spencer, MD
    Chief Medical & Chief Medical Information Officer
    Crystal Run Healthcare

  • An Accountable Care Case Study:  Improving Palliative Care Outcomes

    Dr. Robert Sawicki
    Senior Vice President, Supportive Care
    OSF Healthcare

    Roopa Folger
    Executive Director, Data Delivery
    OSF Healthcare

  • Heart Failure Readmissions


  • Achieving Significant Financial Improvements with Data and Analytics:  A Financial Case Study


  • Establishing a Data-Driven Culture and Analytics Team


  • Using Analytics to Improve Oncology Outcomes


  • How One Health System Restructured their Organization to Support Accountable Care and Population Health


  • Improving Heart Failure Outcomes


  • ACO Analytics


  • Using Analytics to Improve Patient Injury Prevention Outcomes


  • Improving Surgery Outcomes


  • Using Analytics to Improve Outcomes in Children’s Hospitals (Panel)


  • Using Analytics to Improve Outcomes in Smaller Health Systems (Panel)


  • Improving Patient Safety Care Outcomes


4. Analytics Walkabout

The Analytics Walkabout is new to HAS’15.  This experience will consist of 25 or more concurrent project sessions where attendees will be able to talk to front-line leaders across an array of projects.  These are intended to be 10 minute sessions where you can quickly assess the success of smaller projects across a wide variety of clinical, financial, technical and leadership topics.  Outcomes improvement often consists of a multitude of smaller, agile projects.  We want to provide a wide variety of different projects, tailored for many different team member roles and types.  Our intent is to provide something for everyone.

Of course, in the spirit of learning and fun, we will add a fun adventure element to the Analytics Walkabout, making it part of an interactive game with points and prizes.  Here is list of the types of projects we are considering at this time.

We will select 25-30 of these to feature in our analytics walkabout.

  • Data integration and report turnaround
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Spine
  • How to develop an RFP and conduct an evaluation for an EDW / analytics platform
  • How to deploy an EDW in 90 days
  • Sepsis
  • Surgical services
  • VTE
  • Predictive analytics:  patient flight predictor
  • ACO / ACO explorer
  • Consolidating 10 systems in your EDW
  • Revenue cycle management and Revenue Cycle Explorer
  • Population Explorer and Comorbidity Analyzer
  • Build or Buy an EDW
  • Diabetes
  • Cloud based solutions
  • External / Public reporting in a Heterogeneous EHR environment
  • Surgical Site Infections
  • Bringing in unstructured data into an EDW
  • Improving workflow operations
  • Quick source mart integration
  • Oncology
  • Using an EDW to feed analytics back into an EMR
  • Registry productivity
  • Data governance
  • Data driven culture
  • OR dashboard and workflow
  • OB/GYN
  • Community care
  • Practice management
  • Orthopedics
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Common patient identifier
  • Episodes of care
  • Shared risk / ACO explorer
  • Executive dashboards
  • Radiology
  • Valves
  • Provider Productivity
  • General Ledger
  • Reducing reporting costs
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Surgery
  • Core measures
  • AMI
  • Physician transparency

5. User Group Pre-Summit Sessions

On Tuesday, September 8, from 12 pm-5 pm, we will have a Health Catalyst User Group lunch and kickoff prior to the general session.  We will share product roadmap details, solicit feedback on what is working and what we can improve, and then have multiple best practice clinical and technical presentations from clients.  Stay tuned for more specific details on those sessions.