Join us at HAS 17 – September 12-14, 2017 in Salt Lake City

John Wadsworth, MS

Senior VP, Client Engagement, Health Catalyst

John joined Health Catalyst in September 2011 as a senior data architect. Prior to Health Catalyst, he worked for Intermountain Healthcare and for ARUP Laboratories as a data architect. John has a Master of Science degree in biomedical informatics from the University of Utah, School of Medicine.

29 - Turn Your Analysts into Data Detectives: Discvoreing Pttaerns in Dtaa (Education Session)

John Wadsworth, MS (Senior VP, Client Engagement, Health Catalyst)

Session Overview

You have an EDW with dozens of data sources tethered onto a common platform. The platform has many applications driving hundreds of daily reports. As you survey the rich data landscape, how can you identify the best nuggets that will lead to meaningful mining? Come to this session to learn tips on how to find trends, and how to architect solutions that support maximizing your data mining efforts.