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Patrick Nelli

Senior VP, CAFÉ Product Line, Health Catalyst

Patrick joined Health Catalyst in 2013. At Health Catalyst, Patrick helped build the company’s internal analytics infrastructure and processes. He is currently the Product Line Manager of Health Catalyst’s Collective Analytics for Excellence (CAFÉ), a product that aims to be a national repository of healthcare data from Health Catalyst customers’ EDWs and third party data sources that enables benchmarking and uniquely powerful machine learning algorithms. Prior to coming to HC, he was an in the healthcare group at GTCR, a Chicago-based private equity firm, and in the healthcare group at McColl Partners, a boutique investment bank. He has a degree in Physics with a Concentration in Biophysics and Biochemistry from Wake Forest University.

16 - Security frameworks in data warehousing and their interplay with healthcare analytics (Technical Session)

Patrick Nelli (Senior VP, CAFÉ Product Line, Health Catalyst)

Session Overview

In this session we will cover key areas of security and data de-identification as it relates to healthcare analytics. Areas of focus will include security frameworks and best practices around auditing and monitoring. We will discuss how these frameworks can be applied in a cloud-based environment and the analytics benefits that can be associated with both monitoring and cloud-based environments.