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Eric Just

Senior VP, Product Development, Health Catalyst

Eric joined Health Catalyst in 2011 from Northwestern University. At Northwestern, he led the research arm of a late binding data warehouse that served to integrate clinical, operational, financial, and research data. Prior to that, he led the development of a research-focused genome database. Upon joining Catalyst, Eric led some of our earliest clients in implementing the data warehouse and achieving outcomes improvement. Additionally, he provided important vision to our platform team as the first versions of Catalyst’s Source Mart Designer were being developed. Since then, Eric has enjoyed a variety of roles within the company including product development, business development, and client operations. He currently leads our Clinical Analytics and Decision Support product line which includes clinical analytics, closed loop analytics, data science, and research. Outside of work, he is a dedicated husband and dad involved in school, sports, and enjoying outdoor life in his adopted home town of Salt Lake City.

35 - Text Analytics: You Need More than NLP (Technical Session)

Eric Just (Senior VP, Product Development, Health Catalyst)

Session Overview

Healthcare organizations need a variety of tools to extract value from text data. Natural Language Processing (or NLP) is only one of these tools. Text searching is one of the most accessible tools to bring healthcare text data to life. Through text searching, clinicians can quickly retrieve text of interest by typing simple search query terms. We will talk about text search tools, how NLP and other techniques enhance text search, and how to build text search tools into informatics and clinical workflows to achieve maximum value from the richness of text data.