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Taylor Davis

Vice President, Analysis and Strategy, KLAS

Taylor has conducted over 3,000 interviews with healthcare leaders over the nine years he has been with KLAS. Taylor has played a leadership role in KLAS research and efforts studying HIE, CPOE, pharmacy, population health, ERP, business intelligence and value based care services. Taylor is passionate about helping vendors improve based on feedback from provider customers, and leads the KLAS Performance Insight Team—KLAS’s consultative arm helping vendors improve their performance. In this capacity, Taylor has met with hundreds of vendor leadership teams  over the past several years. Taylor is KLAS’s lead statistician and also works as an associate professor of statistics at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business.

25 - Healthcare Analytics—Are You Just Buying a Car or Actually Planning to Go Somewhere? (Education Session)

Taylor Davis (Vice President, Analysis and Strategy, KLAS )

Session Overview

KLAS is speaking to hundreds of organizations about the BI solutions they are purchasing, but relatively few report that they are achieving what they expected. What is holding these organizations back from arriving at their desired “destination.”

Explore the trends in the BI market as KLAS representative Taylor Davis describes the BI “cars” that organizations are purchasing today and the strategies (or lack of) which drive whether their car actually goes somewhere. Which vendors are doing the best job of helping their customers all the way to successful outcomes? What is the reality of today’s healthcare BI adoption? With most health systems employing at least three enterprise BI toolsets, which solutions are bringing the most value?