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Anne Milgram

Former New Jersey Attorney General, Senior Fellow at NYU School of Law

, Vice President of Criminal Justice, Laura and John Arnold Foundation Anne Milgram's work centers on reforming the criminal justice system through smart data, analytics, and technology. As part of this work, Milgram has led the creation, development and national implementation of a new pretrial risk assessment tool. The tool assists judges and prosecutors in determining which criminal defendants should be detained prior to trial and which can be safely released. Since adopting the risk tool in July 2013, the State of Kentucky has seen a drop in new criminal arrests for defendants released before trial. In Charlotte, North Carolina, the jail population has declined by 20% since July 2014. The risk tool has been implemented in twenty-­nine jurisdictions nationwide and will soon be launched more broadly. Prior to joining the Foundation, Milgram served as New Jersey’s Attorney General, where she led the 9,000­‐person Department of Law & Public Safety. Milgram was New Jersey’s chief law enforcement officer. In that capacity, she directed the State Division of Criminal Justice and had oversight responsibility for the prosecutors and nearly 30,000 local law enforcement officers statewide. Milgram spearheaded investigations into street gangs, violent crime, public corruption, securities fraud and organized crime. She implemented a statewide initiative to improve public safety and reduce violent crime through crime prevention, law enforcement, and re-­entry. Milgram also oversaw, and reformed, the Camden Police Department. Milgram began her career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. She then served as a federal prosecutor in the United States Department of Justice, where she was the Special Litigation Counsel for the prosecution of human trafficking crimes. In that role, Milgram partnered with United States Attorney’s Offices in the Eastern District of New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire to prosecute some of the first sex trafficking and forced labor cases under a new federal anti-­trafficking law, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. Milgram was awarded the U.S. Department of Justice Special Commendation for Outstanding Service and the U.S. Department of Justice Director’s Award for her work.

2 - Criminal Justice Analytics and Insights for Healthcare

Anne Milgram (Former New Jersey Attorney General, Senior Fellow at NYU School of Law)

Session Overview

We all know that change can be difficult. Changing business practices, cultures, and philosophies can take years – and often countless efforts yield minimal results. Yet data, technology, and analytics have shown that we can change the way we do business in faster and more impactful ways. Although the tools of our modern world can change how we see problems and open up new solutions, we all struggle with how to change systems and culture when transforming outdated practices.
In this talk, Milgram will describe her work as Attorney General for the State of New Jersey and in private philanthropy, where she has sought to bring the best of the modern world – data, technology and analytics – to bear in an effort to transform the American criminal justice system. Milgram will also discuss parallels between the criminal justice and health care systems and the significant overlap between high utilizers of these systems.

Finally, Milgram will touch upon the three ways in which she believes data can and should operate in business and government today: first, through big data, which shows us trends and identifies high level points of engagement; second, through individual level data, which can improve how we identify and treat individual people; and, finally, through integrated data that allows us to understand the full picture of risks, needs, and opportunities for improvement.