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Chad Konchak, MBA

Director, Clinical Analytics, NorthShore University HealthSystem

Chad Konchak is the Director of Clinical Analytics at NorthShore University HealthSystem: a large integrated healthcare delivery system in the northern Chicagoland area. NorthShore is an industry leader in informatics and analytics being named as the first health system in the nation to achieve HIMSS stage 7 for ambulatory care. As Director of Clinical Analytics, Chad oversees the team responsible for NorthShore’s clinical reporting, analysis and predictive modeling efforts, which focus on leveraging and delivering data (e.g. via clinical decision support systems) that improve the quality of care and identify variations in clinical practice. Example of projects include predictive models to identify chronic disease patients at risk for hospitalization; a beautiful visualization platform that allows physicians to easily identify at-risk patients and take action to assist them; a tool that helps surgeons analyze their patient’s temperature; GIS visualizations such as a tool called ‘What’s Going Around’ which gives clinicians real-time displays of syndromic epidemiology in our Electronic Medical Record; and a method of identifying and reaching out to patients with unrecognized high blood pressure (for which we received a Healthcare Informatics Magazine Innovator Award and a recent mention by the Director of the CDC in the New England Journal of Medicine). Chad also serves as the HIT co-lead for population health where he oversees the development of a comprehensive analytics infrastructure that will support population management in the ambulatory setting. These tools will enable NorthShore to identify patients at risk of high utilization of services, predict uncontrolled chronic diseases and will serve as a platform to facilitate preventative care needs. Chad is also Faculty for the American College of Healthcare Executives where he teaches a cluster seminar called The Strategic Use of Healthcare Analytics, which is held twice a year.

7 - Actionable Analytics: From Predictive Modeling to Workflows (Case Study)

Chad Konchak, MBA (Director, Clinical Analytics, NorthShore University HealthSystem)

Session Overview

The value of analytics is only realized when those models and tools are integrated into workflows to support data-driven decision making. In this presentation, the NorthShore Clinical Analytics team will showcase their suite of predictive models and analytical tools and how we have used various forms of EMR functionality to integrate them into clinical workflows. The team will describe use cases that cover population health, syndromic surveillance, and hospital quality where analytics efforts have led to better data-driven decision making. We will show how these data-driven tools led to better quality and financial outcomes. We will discuss both the modeling techniques used, tool development processes, and how we considered “implementability” (how easy it would be to implement the tool into a data supply chain that fed clinical workflows) in the design.

This session will also go into detail on the various forms of EMR functionality they used to feed their analytics (calculated outside of the EMR) back into the system. NorthShore will also describe the standardization techniques they have implemented to ensure their predictive modeling efforts adhered to standard methodological considerations. This presentation will describe the analytics environment that was set up and the people, process and technology governance structures that were created to ensure quality, consistency, and maintenance of our analytics.