Healthcare Analytics Summit 2014 Healthcare Analytics Summit 2014

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Keynotes & Speakers from HAS'14

We learned from these amazing national experts and seasoned healthcare executives at HAS’14. These thought leaders (along with a few surprise guest speakers) led the conversation on how Healthcare Analytics has changed from a “Nice To Have” to a “Must Have” in order to support the requirements of healthcare transformation.


Billy Beane

General Manager of the Oakland Athletics
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Ray Kurzweil

Chairman, Kurzweil Technologies Director of Engineering, Google
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Dale Sanders

Senior Vice President – Health Catalyst
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Glenn D. Steele Jr., MD, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer, Geisinger Health System
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James Merlino, MD

Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic
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Governor Mike Leavitt

Founder and Chairman of Leavitt Partners Former Governor of Utah and Secretary of HHS
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Penny Ann Wheeler, MD

President and Chief Clinical Officer, Allina Health
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Charles Macias, MD

Chief Clinical Systems Integration Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital
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David A. Burton, MD

Former Chairman and CEO – Health Catalyst, Former Senior Executive – Intermountain Healthcare
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Gene Thompson

Health City Director, Director of Thompson Development Ltd
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Chandy Abraham, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Director of Medical Services Health City, Cayman Islands
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Over 25 Sessions | In All Areas of Healthcare Analytics

A Unique Analytics Experience
Based on Audience Participation

Instead of listening to typical one-way presentations, we provided access to a mobile app for audience response and participation. In a unique ways, the audience shared content—poll answers, questions and comments—with speakers. Throughout the summit, we shared group-wide and individual analytic insights based on audience responses, resulting in a more substantive, engaging experience. We had fun examples, real-time feedback, and demonstrations with your data responses. We have already begun development on more enhancements to the HAS'15 app.

The Ah Ha experience

A unique characteristic of HAS ’14 was learning by what we called “ah ha experiences.” These were interesting educational object lessons, role plays, vignettes, videos, and activities which help demonstrate key principles in fun and memorable ways. They involved a variety of examples including popsicle stick bombs, Despicable Me characters, Deal or No Deal games, water exercises, the Three Amigos, New Orleans style mixed up lunches, or the ride of Paul Revere to name a few. We will continue to have fun, unexpected ah ha experiences at HAS 15.

Read, Watch & Download

We have posted the HAS ’14 sessions and content for your reference. For each session where the speaker gave permission, we have posted an on-demand video of the session, the speaker presentation, and a transcript for a quicker review. This content is open and not password protected so that you can view or pass along the content to others.

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When & Where

Our next Healthcare Analytics Summit 15 will be on September 8-10, again in Salt Lake City.

(Registration expected to begin in March)

This summit will again be hosted at the beautiful, 5-star Grand America Hotel. Due to last year’s sell out situation, we have reserved more rooms and space to accommodate a larger audience. Our 2015 focus will start where we left off last year, and then adding a greater focus on sharing more health system examples of outcomes improvement. Your feedback told us you most enjoyed the keynote and breakout sessions where health systems, large and small, were able to share specifics of how they applied healthcare analytics to improve care and reduce costs. We will combine all the best features of HAS ’14 (great keynote speakers, new analytics apps features for instant audience engagement, educational breakouts with ah ha experiences, more innovative opportunities to network with people like you, fun games for learning, session topics and approaches optimized for team attendance) and add an additional focus of greater variety of hands on, practical outcomes case studies from a variety of health systems. HAS ’15 will help you and your teams take away even more ideas and best practices on how to put analytics to work in your organization, and how to develop lasting, sustainable improvements.

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